Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Making the Rabbit Nest Boxes

Since we do not have any scrap wood materials around the house, we had to buy some new ones to make the rabbit's nest boxes. We bought two pieces of 1x8x8 rough wooden boards and it costs us 651.00 pesos ( six hundred fifty one pesos in Philippine money). Since we were able to make three nest boxes out of these materials, the cost of one nest box is only 217.00 pesos. It would have cost us more if I had gone to a wood shop and have them made the nest boxes as I had originally intended to do. We used a 1/2 x 1/2 hole wire materials with gauge # 14 for the bottom of the cages. These wires are actually left over materials from the all-wire hanging cages that my brother Joe made so they were all put to good use, nothing wasted.

My brother Joe making the sides of the nest box out of a 1/2 inch x 8 inches wide by 10 feet long board.

Assembling the sides of the nest box.

Four sides done.

Now he's putting the top part of the nest box.

The rabbit can use the top part of the nest box if she wants to get away from her kits.

We used 1-inch finishing nails to join the boards together. 

Now comes the bottom part with the left over 1/2 x 1/2 inch wire floor.

The left over wire floor is attached to the bottom with no. 1 staple wires. 

The all-wire bottom will be covered with plywood underneath to make a double bottom.

All done!

Showing the top part of the nest box.

Making the second nest box a little smaller for the Cinnamon doe as she is smaller than the Chinchillia doe.

Same all-wire bottom but shorter in length.

Showing the three nest boxes with all-wire bottoms. 

One 18- inches long and two 16- inches long nest boxes all done.

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